Here is a list of our accomplishments: - Original Savannah Breed Chairperson for 5 years. - Breeding Savannahs since 1995 and was one of the first 3 people to produce first generation Savannahs. - Founding member and President of SIMBA (Savannah International Member & Breeder Association). - Invited to appear on Animal Planet Show as the 'Savannah Expert.' - Author of "The Savannah Cat Book." - Produced the only World Cat Congress ever in the US in 2004. - Trained under 20 year TICA President, Georgia Morgan and TICA geneticist Gloria Stephens. - Bred Bengals since 1992. - Elected to Bengal Breed Committee in 2000. - Bred and showed Best Bengal International for TICA in 1997 and again with another Bengal in 2000. - Bred Best Bengal International in 1999 for ACFA.   The following is a list of cats bred/owned by Lorre that have been shown to highly titled positions:   - IW SGC Tejas Cut N Shoot - IW SGC Tejas Myna Lone - RW SGC Tejas Sam Houston - RW SGC Tejas Poteet Strawberry - RW SGC Tejas Quallah - RW SGC Tejas Double Agent of Kaos - RW SGC Tejas Nuklear Meltdown - RW SGC Tejas Victoria - RW SGC Tejas Gimme a Chance - RW SGC Tejas Tiger Butter - RW SGC La Te Da Crown Royal - RW SGC La Te Da Johnny Walker - RW SGC Trashy Side of Tejas - SGC Tejas Lotto - SGC Tejas Beaumont - QGC Tejas Nuklear Tonapah - QGC Tejas Mesquite of Avalon - TGC Tejas Nuklear Fission   IW = International Winner RW = Regional Winner SGC = Supreme Grand Champion QGC = Quad Grand Champion TGC = Triple Grand    Champion
Raising perfect little Savannah and Serval babies since 1995
Over the years we have received many calls and emails from happy Savannah owners telling us many in many different ways how much they love their cats. Below are a few of the hundreds of accolades and escapades that have been sent to us:   Lorre is a wonderful breeder. I never had behavior problems with Aramis. He just fitted right in even after a long commuting flight to Canada. Customs kept him in his cage for hours. When he came out he was totally happy. He is always happy and so very smart.....SB ...let me tell you, he has such a tiny voice you can barely hear him, but he lets you know when he wants to have your attention, he sits facing the chair I'm in and sits up like a puppy begging and mews while his front feet paw the air. when I come into his room he mews like he's saying "glad your here" I think he is awesome and totally SV!!!!! .....MF I have to post new pics of Aramis as he is growing, growing, growing and becoming smarter every day. Right now I can see changes everyday. He was always a looker but his face and eyes are getting so awesome, and he is as big as my bengals now.. at only 6 months! Quite promising for an F5! .....SB Welcoming Cleo to our family! We are so excited and happy to own this beautiful Savannah! Thank You so much for this beautiful Savannah!!! .....MH Speaking of food and cats - I have a few to run past you. Bunchi a.k.a. Afrikhan Black Pearl, also known as "The Feline Garbage Disposal" is fond of: avocado, watermelon, cantaloupe, croissants, pasta with or without sauce (meat sauce preferred), Nutri-Grain bars (blueberry), devil dogs - she got that from you!!!, cheese - American and Swiss, NO Havarti, butter has a certain appeal with or without the popcorn, and probably the craziest of all - corn cobs... Of course roast beef, turkey, tuna, steak, all fish, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt.. Now I don't feed her large quantities of any of these foods, but she is amazing in her variety. Surprisingly, all of the above have never caused any stomach issues at all!!! Dragging the corn cob around growling was pretty hysterical though - that was herrrrrrrrrs! Thought I would share. .....CT Whole Foods has freeze dried chicken pieces in their pet food section and he absolutely loves a piece on top of his food. He uses his unique voice in an amazing range when he sees the chicken container in a human hand. .....CP I will take pics this evening. Afrikhan Illusion ( aka Lula) is a wonderful mom and the kittens are just stunning...AND BIG! They are 5 wks.old and almost as big as my 12 wk. old Bengals. .....TR Ai-chan has become very strong and has changed most part of her fur color to tan. The color of her eyes are changing, too. She likes to play fetch with me with her favorite toys whenever I am available. She does it so well that she drops her toy right on my hand or lap after fetching them. Is this something Savannahs' do without being taught??? She sometimes floods my bed with her toys; I guess she brings them along while I am sleeping. I am enjoying every moment of my time with Ai-chan. .....KI Lorre struggled to keep her but my pest like personality won Lorre over and now I get to keep this little angel here. What a blessing she is. I could not thank Lorre enough if I tried... I breed Bengals and this is my only SV to breed.. sadly I have to say that I actually like this girl better than all my Bengals. That is a tough thing for a Bengal breeder to admit :) .....MP I have two of Lorre's F2 Savannahs. Paka, who has a web page on Lorre's site is Savio's half brother. He is handsome and large and smart as a whip. My other Savannah is the lesser known, not quite as famous, but working her way up - Bunchi. Bunchi is Savio's sister. She is an adorably sweet kitten, with just the right amount of mischief. Lorre's cats are well socialized, healthy, well taken care of animals. I have personally been out to her cattery - it is clean neat and orderly. Lorre is an absolute professional and I can't say enough good things about her. .....CT She's a sweetie and when she smells something new she looks like she has a bobble head. It's so cute. She's really smart and she's only 3 months! .....TU I just wanted to emphasize that Lorre does a terrific job at socialization. We just picked up an Afrikhan girl this past weekend and what a doll she is! She is so sweet and will crawl right up into my lap and purr. Love her! By the way, Lorre, we named her Abracadabra..aka Abby. .....TR ... this girl is the biggest pest and most loving cat I have ever had. I cant keep her off of me, she is very demanding of attention, and demanding is a conservative word lol. .....MP Yes, I really am thrilled with Jag being fertile. He looks better than those funny pictures that Jim sent....has developed more leg length, and I suspect his legs may grow longer. His kittens appear to have thicker tails too and I really needed than in my program. ...HM I just have to tell you that everything you told me about my new baby is absolutely true and I just adore him! He is just such a lover and smoocher and kisser; I can see why you were getting more and more attached; we have just totally fallen under his spell! .....SM I just read this and yes, my Lula is quite the talker but it is one of her endearing qualities. I honestly think she is trying to talk to us because she will look us right in the eye and make a very unique sound that is more of a serval chirp than a meow. My Afrikhan savannahs are sooooo very affectionate. We just picked one up this past weekend and she is very loving and sweet. Lorre does an excellent job at socialization! .....TR I took a couple pictures of Viva and thought I'd send them to you. She is now 18 months old and still just a big oh baby. She has so much personality. She loves to head butt and cuddle. She is the king of the couch as you can see. ....TH        I just wanted to send a ‘proper’ thank you for helping me with my breeding program.  I have many moments where I am thrilled at the prospect and others where I find myself quite scared.  Having your help and knowing you are on my side means a great deal to me.  So again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Kate        Hi there.  Here are pictures of the most manic cat I never knew I couldn’t live without.  TN   - As time goes on we will continue to add more references here so feel free to check back.  
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