Over the years I have written many articles, fiction and satire and would like to share those here.  I will be digging up those articles and revamping them for the current times. I am going to start with the articles I wrote about herbs I have used for my cats.  I have had a good bit of informal training on the subject of herbs.  I used to have a friend named Wynelle and she worked at an herb store.  I would go there and work and help out to learn.  I learned so much from her.  I was like a sponge and learned uses of herbs and studied eastern and western healing techniques.  I took a 6 week course with Wynelle from a prominent chiropractor in the area to learn muscle testing.  I then went on to join Nature’s Sunshine as a distributor and took courses through their site and contacts.  I actually used the herbs I recommend in these articles, either on myself or family or my cats.  These first articles are based on uses for herbs to help feed the feline system and can also be applied to humans.  As I add more articles I will include a paragraph about how I came to write that article.  LSL
Enjoy some of our articles from over the years
Some Herbs to Use Cubs or Kittens?
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