Google seemed to be a miracle baby to us when he was born, then his story got even more interesting...
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This is Google the day he was born, May 10, 2008. Google is a very rare version of F1 Savannah.  Rare because his mom is a Serval and dad is a domestic cat, a Maine Coon.  The usual and common F1 breeding is male Serval to a domestic breed of female cat. The female Serval whose name is Blair is of our own breeding and this was her first litter, she dropped Goo from the perch where she birthed him.  She didn’t know how to care for Google so he was hand raised.  Tube feeding at first and then bottle fed and eventually introduced to solid food. When a person raises a baby animal from birth like that, there is a special bond that lasts a lifetime.
This is Google on his 5th birthday, May 10, 2013   Google has spent MOST of his life with us, but as a young boy, he decided to take what we lovingly now call Goo’s Big Adventure. Two weeks after Goo’s first birthday, and about a month after we built him a huge outdoor playpen, with 24/7 access to the outdoors, birds, grass and toys, Goo decided to push the screen out of the only window in the house that was not cat-proofed. As anyone can imagine, I was frantic.  My family kept me grounded and we did all the right things.  Right away flyers were made and hundreds of houses were canvassed.  Picture posters put up, lost and found ads placed, even a recorded message of my voice made and we put it on the front porch on an endless loop so he could hear me if he was close by hiding somewhere.  The front and back doors of the house and the door to his playpen remained open for a week in case he decided to simply stroll back in.  We had all manner of bugs and the like come in and visit. lol One morning, two weeks later a young lady called me and said, as she was getting off the school bus she saw him run through her yard and into the neighbor’s yard.  Three of us spent the next few days and nights watching and calling for him, again without luck. After around a month went by, I began to grow numb with the awareness that I probably was not going to find him.  It changed me inside.  I went about my daily tasks but I missed him so much I could not get enthused about anything. Over the next few months I still held out hope.  When I walked the dog I would look for him and if I left in the car I would watch the roads and fields on the way out and on the way back. One evening on the way home, I was convinced I saw him and in the dark I got out and called for him.  A neighbor  passed by and stopped and got out his flashlight and helped me to look; even boosted me over a fence so I could go see over a hill.  I told him that night I couldn’t stop thinking about him and I had a feeling he was not dead, I just hadn’t found him yet. A few weeks later I had agreed to meet some friends for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  While I was getting ready I went in to check my email.  There were three emails directing me to an add on Craig’s list.  I was curious so I opened the ad and there was Goo in a picture advertised as a Collectible for $6500.  My heart was beating wildly and I wanted to go an get him but all that was provided was an email.  I was afraid that the person might recognize my name as a Savannah breeder and refuse to communicate with me. I called Pete, (now my husband) and had him look at the ad.  He said to let him take care of it.  He wrote her an email and she responded and set up a time to go see the cat.  He had pretended to want to buy so we could find out Goo’s location.  She told him she and her husband had trapped him because he was hanging around and was very skinny. We got a crate and went visiting.  Pete asked me to stay in the van so I wouldn’t get emotional.  Of course I couldn’t do that so I promised to go in and say nothing and off we went to see Goo. She didn’t want to allow us in to touch him but as soon as we were allowed to look through a door to her living room I exploded with joy and anticipation and begged to be let in to see him.  She refused and things started happening so quickly I don’t remember all but I finally blurted out, “he’s my cat and I want to go see him.”  She got a horrid look on her face and said, “get out of my house, just get out.”  Then she thought a second and said, “he’s not micro-chipped, you can’t prove he’s yours.”  I returned with, “true he’s not micro-chipped, however, both his front legs were broken the day he was born and I have many x-rays to prove who he is.”  She gave up at that point because she knew his legs weren’t quite right. She began talking to me then and telling us the story of his life with her.  I’d like to add at this point that Goo was at this house 30 miles away from home AND on the other side of a major and busy freeway.  She said she had found him six or seven weeks earlier and made some calls around to figure out what kind of cat he was.  Her son looked it up in the library and found the information and gave her the number of a prominent Savannah cattery in Oklahoma.  She had called this man and after two conversations he told her he would only help her by coming and getting the cat and if she didn’t let him do that to not call him and bother him again.  That was awfully disappointing to me because that particular man knew there were only three Savannah breeders in that area and could have called any one of us to see whose cat it was.  But I digress. She did let me in to see Goo, I had brought him some meat and within a minute he was sitting next to me and eating out of my hand and purring.  She said the whole time he had been there she had never been able to even touch him and she was so afraid she kept a broom to keep him back when she went in to feed him. I did give her the reward money and we stayed in touch for a while.  I considered myself lucky that she did trap him and feed him or I would have never seen him again. He was thin and had the squirts because of the food he was eating, but once he was home, he was happy, we could all tell and he gained weight quite quickly and was back to his own self. Goo has never tried to go out a door or window again.  I guess one great adventure was enough for him and he is glad to be with his people.  We are certainly glad he is back and the story had a wonderful ending and will be forever grateful to the breeders who directed me to that Craig’s list ad. Goo’s Great Adventure Lasted 6 Months and 6 Days......
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Google This is Google first starting to bottle feed. F1’s are born their little ears down, then one ear will stand and shortly after the other will come up. Here, he’s getting older and both ears are standing tall. Goo is a little over a month here. My little man growing up.  He is six months old here. Goo doesn’t like the walking jacket when I first put it on but he loves walking outside.