Hello.  If this is your first visit or are back here to look for the perfect ‘one’, may I say welcome.  I’d like to tell you about where the kittens live and how they are raised.  I name each kitten with a name that means something to me. Of course they can be renamed something suitable by their new owners when they go to their permanent home but I always remember their time here, so I sometimes slip once you name them and call them by what I knew.  Our Savannah kittens are always raised in our home and have lots of socialization skills.  No matter who you choose a Savannah from, you should always find a way to check how socialized they are.  Our babies have the opportunity to spend time every day on our huge and enclosed front porch and they get lots of fresh air and sunshine.  We live on a small farm in the rolling hills of West Tennessee.  Our cats and kittens are fed an all-natural diet of unadulterated, organically-fed, fresh-ground rabbit/chicken and a high- quality, grain-free dry kibble called Solid Gold.  Their coats have a wonderful texture and vibrant color…my photographic skills may not always reflect that. I’ve been taking pictures f or many years and still have not gotten that down to a science. The kittens are snappy and intelligent, curious about almost everything that moves and they are always interested in what we are doing.  Our kittens readily learn to walk on a leash with the proper walking-jacket for a cat and will want to accompany you on any adventure in which you will include them.  They will be your best friend and wait for you at the door when you get home from work and will sleep on you and keep you warm in the winter and summer alike.  With patience, they will learn how to play fetch with you and they have the ability to learn about an 8 to 10 single word vocab- ulary; although they do learn the meaning of no, don’t expect them to listen if your back is turned and even while you watch at times.  They are cats after all. We have the parents here on the premises and they also eat the same diet.  We have a very small cattery with just a few cats so we are able to spend time with each cat, every day.  You might say they are spoiled if you ever saw feeding times.  Since 1995 our cattery has been instrumental in the develop- ment of the Savannah breed and not just cranking out hundreds of cats.  We are the home of the first Savannah that has a female Serval as the dam.  We love our cats and we know you would love one of our babies as well. Have you been spotted yet?
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Kittens Available
Note  All cats and kittens placed by Afrikhan Savannahs are tested for genetic diseases, PK Deficiency, PRA, veterinary certified, free from intestinal worms/parasites and have all required and up-to-date immunizations.  In addition we provide a contract stating this along with other 7 day and 1 year warranties.
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We are always happy to answer your questions   Email:  savannahlorre@gmail.com  
F6 SBT Kittens  

Three babies born August 22nd.  The only boy in the litter was

Bo and he has been placed.  The two girls are Sima and Otse. 

Sima is the spotted one.  The kittens range fro $800 to $1200

as pets.  The will have all immunizations and rabies before

leavin to go to your home.  Questions? 

savannahlorre@gmail.com. of 731-420-0135

Due to recent credit card scams we

can only accept cash, verified cashier’s

checks or direct bank transfers.  Zelle

and Walmart both have transfers available.