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The Kittens Buying a Savannah Cat in this day and time is hard due to hundreds of kittens available.  As a result, figuring out which kitten is going to fulfill your desire for a well-adjusted, happy and beautiful member of your household for years to come can be quite a chore.  How do you make that decision?  Do you do it based solely on price?  Are you just expected to believe a breeder has experience or that they are the founder of the breed?  The truth is Afrikhan Savannahs has not sold out to anyone else who can make claims for us, we stand on our experience and reputation.  We have been here since the beginning of the breed and are one of the founders. We have Savannah cats that are 20 years old so we can actually attest to their longevity.  We do not have several large barns full of cat cages; we like to know our few choice breeding cats on an individual and daily basis.  We have families who own our cats stay in touch and our site contains recent pictures of our Savannah kittens and cats in their new homes and also ones that have been there over a decade. We provide true and correct registration papers and pedigrees with every kitten. Do we have the highest prices?  No.  Although, not free, our kittens offer a lot for the price in the way of training, socialization, health and over 24 years of experience breeding and showing and years of experience professionally judging for the International Cat Association.  You wouldn’t go into a store and purchase something that didn’t fit or was broken in some way; nor would you trust buying a TV from a roadside stand with a hand-written sign.  The same expectation should be there for your Savannah kitten.  We will never sell you a kitten that is sub-par; we disclose everything and back it up with a contract, send lots of pictures and make sure the kitten is delivered in the manner best for the kitten.   From my home to yours...  
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We do not recommend early generation Savannahs (F1’s) for households with young children simply due to their size and energy.  All Savannahs are simply house cats that eat, sleep, play and use the litter box the same as any domestic cat, except for their remarkable color, intelligence and beautiful spots.
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