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Ringo, our newest serval came to live with us in early Spring of 2012.  He came from a small breeder in Texas who hand raised him since he was a week old. His two wives, Zsa Zsa and Ava arrived shortly after Ringo and came from a breeder in California. The three kittens play all day and love one another so much, it is always a joy to see.  Ringo is a little play-biter.  We have to really watch him so we don’t get ambushed.  All I need to do though, is to point my finger in his face and he stops immediately.  He never really hurts us, but I want to be sure it stays that way.  Ringo never treats his wives that way, only his human family.  He very much loves us also because all we say is, “head butts,” and he comes running and bows his head and smacks us in the head with his head.  He is an enthusiastic head- butter and at times he butts so hard he can take me by surprise. We are hoping for a life-long friendship with our new family members and if we get Savannah babies, that will be the added bonus.  LSL. **On July 21st Ringo and our girl Zsa Zsa had an F1 baby.  She is a beautiful bouncing baby girl and we named her Zi Zi so we could use the same letter Z and pattern of two words as her mom. January 23, 2015 Ringo and Zsa Zsa have brought into this world a litter of 5 F1 Savannahs that can be seen on the “Kittens Available” page of this website.  All babies are beautifully spotted.  In addition be prepared for yet another litter announcement very soon because Ringo has done it again.  Our little boy has grown up and become a dad. 2016 so far has been an eventful year.  Our newest serval boy Mojo is growing up.  He is tall and beautiful and very loving.  We had an F1 litter in March and we decided to keep a beautiful girl and named her Pascha which is Easter in many languages and she was born right before Easter Sunday. Now we’ve had our first F2 litter from Zi Zi’s sister Torrey and an F3 litter.  We are well on our way to creating a beautiful line that will be knocking people’s socks off in the show hall in a few short generations.  Now expecting Fall F1 litters.
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Announcing the arrival of Ringo, Serval and his two wives, Zsa Zsa and Ava for 2012
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